Thursday, March 31, 2011

A restaurant-worthy (really, several restaurants-worthy!) meal

I once made a meal entirely from recipes of famous chefs bearing very different cooking styles, and it surprisingly came together extremely well!

The main course was braised duck legs with a red wine reduction from a recipe from a cookbook from one of our favorite restaurants specializing in duck:

And the sides were 1. a potato-scallion cake from Thomas Keller's Ad Hoc restaurant cookbook

and 2. a roasted brussel sprouts/kimchee concoction from David Chang's Momofuku cookbook

Actually, I chose David Chang's recipe because I'd had the cookbook forever and not cooked from it and the roasted brussel sprouts recipe was about the only thing that didn't take two days to prepare.

Here are the two sides:

And, the pièce de résistance - meltingly tender, luscious duck legs with crispy, savory skin, bathed in the most delicious sauce made from pan drippings and a red wine reduction- shown here with the potato-scallion cake side:

We paired the main course with a Santa Barbara Pinot Noir (not shown for some inexplicable reason in the photos).

For dessert, I had made my trusty pear rustic galette, paired here with a Lustau Moscatel (yes, we actually had our first taste of this excellent dessert wine at the winery in Andalusia!):

Some notes:
Thomas Keller's cookbook was worth it just for the potato-scallion cake recipe.
Roasted brussel sprouts are good, but even better with kimchee.
The duck legs are amazing and were surprisingly simple to make. While the dish was braising in the oven, I had enough time to make the sides. Those duck legs are going to become a favorite, I can just tell!

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